Edie Raether, M.S., CSP

Change Strategist – Brain Trainer

To Make Change Happen…It’s Got To Be Edie

Transform Possibilities into Personal and Business Success

Edie Provides the Power Tools for Change

Whether you are wanting to lose weight naturally, quit smoking, break a bad habit or addiction. reduce stress, anxiety and depression, or manage pain, hypnosis can help! It can also improve sleep, confidence and both academic and sport performance. Hypnosis is a powerful technique that magnifies your intentions and aligns the power of the subconscious to manifest your conscious goals and desires.

Also, with a master’s degree in counseling and having been a licensed psychotherapist for over 20 years, I can help with mental health challenges and marriage, family and relationship issues. As the author of Stop Bullying Now and a children’s character building program, I Believe I Can Fly!, I also offer solution-oriented programs for child-parent and behavioral problems. As a life coach, I will help you reclaim your personal power and take control of your life.




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  • Within moments of starting our session, she was leading me down a road of self-exploration I could never have traveled alone. I left that session a changed person. My world went from black and white to technicolor and I was transformed. People asked me what had happened, that I looked different – peaceful, radiant.

    Rebecca Antonelli
    ceo triangle pr
  • She is an incredible coach and person. She is very inspiring. One of her great assists to me was being able to get to the root causes of your blocks that hold you back from being the best that you can, and then she works with you to change your thought process. She has truly been a wonder in my life.

    Dr. Dorothy Brolin
  • Asking with Edie helped me to see the bigger picture and put everything in perspective. Clarity is a powerful thing. Honestly, I feel like Edie had a huge impact on how I see all kinds of challenges and has really empowered me to create an extraordinary life. Edie has also taught me how to dream bigger and live better. Thank you for all you do!

    Dr. Jodi Rabas

Lake Norman Hypnotherapy and Coaching Center serves the greater Charlotte and Mooresville area with the following services.


Change Your Mind – Change Your Life

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is often the safest, most effective and efficient method to break a bad habit, overcome an addiction, or change a behavior…any behavior! By engaging the subconscious mind, the powerhouse of our being, change is easy and effortless.


Relationships, Individual, Mental Health

Whether you are struggling with marriage, family or any relationship challenge, Edie’s solution-oriented approach improves communications and resolves issues by providing tools for change. Get unstuck. Overcome personal challenges to be free of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.


 Methods to Reinvent Yourself

Discover your life’s purpose to live life by design, not default. By identifying your strengths and how you are wired, the discovery process will clarify your goals and vision to then create an action plan to manifest your blueprint for success. You will be held accountable!
Speech, leadership and performance coaching available as well.

Behavioral Consulting

Parent-Child, Bullying, School and Workplace Programs

To create and sustain a supportive environment at home, at work and in your schools, Edie provides consulting and training in parenting skills, anger management, conflict resolution and mediation. An authority and author on bullying, Edie inspires action methods to create a caring culture.

Hypnosis Reduces Anxiety, Breaks Bad Habits and Addictions, Facilitates Health and Healing

Weight Management
Eating Disorders: Anorexia and Bulimia
Smoking Cessation
Drug and Alcohol Dependency
Sexual Addictions
Anxiety, Worries, Fears and Phobias
Fear of Flying, Bridges, Insects etc.

Prep for Surgery
Child Birth Made Easy
Panic Disorders
Depression and Negative Thinking
Stress and PTSD
Grief and Loss
Healing and Recovery: Broken Relationships,Sexual and Other Abuse
Forgiveness and Freedom

Overcoming Procrastination
Sleep Disorders
Pain management and Headaches
Study Skills and Memory
Presentation Skills and Speaking
Golf and Sports