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Stop Bullying Now

This “how to” handbook on what to do, how to do it, and why we must take action now is a must-have resource for every student, parent, and educator. There are ideas on how to start an anti-bullying campaign, execute effective school programs, and specific steps on how to stop bullies and the more infectious cyberbullying, For those harmed, the book offers healing and hope with psychological self-defense methods that develop mental toughness and resilience to recover and bounce back stronger than before.
I Believe I Can Fly!

Don't leave your child's heath, happiness and success to chance! This fun adventure that transforms a child's potential into possibilities is an empowering character building that increases self-esteem and creates a positive belief system that encourages healthy life choices. The book inspires, the guided mental imagery exercises on the CD create magic, and the blanket is a psychological trigger that plants seeds of greatness. The manual provides guidelines for parents and teachers on how to best implement the program and give your child wings to soar.
Winning! How Winners Think – What Champions Do  ( new release!)

To answer the age old question, “are champions made or born,” Raether interviewed dozens of successful Olympians, CEOs, coaches, change agents, and ordinary people doing extraordinary things. In Winning!, she provides a template of the DNA of success and reveals the essential qualities and common characteristics of those who have overcome adversity and beaten the odds. Beyond the trite but true clichés of “think positive” and “your attitude is your altitude,” Raether delves into the mindset of champions; the creativity, strategic thinking, and problem solving patterns of those who have gone beyond and gotten the gold. The inspiration of these gentle giants will rekindle your spirit and ignite the fires of passion, purpose, and power to help you leave your legacy.
Why Cats Don’t Bark Unleash Your PowerZone – Intuitive Intelligence: The Other IQ  )

Why Cats Don’t Bark, Edie Raether’s ground-breaking book, facilitates change from the “insight out.” Her refreshing approach to leadership and life reveals that managing energy, not just time, and developing the mind, not just skills, are key to optimal performance and a positive ROI (return on investment) from your intellectual capital. Edie’s revolutionary concepts – MindShift, FutureThink, LeaderShift and TeamThink – engage whole-brain thinking for personal renewal, strategic positioning, and organizational change.
Sex for the Soul Seven Secrets fo Sensual Intimacy for Spritual Ecstasy

Sex for the Soul sparkles with wisdom, insight and soul to provide a much needed bliss prescription by uniting the sacred to the sensual and the sexual to the spiritual. The interpersonal exploitation of the robotic sex epidemic is replaced by an empowering intimacy that is fostered by love, honor and devotion to create a healthy renewal of human love.

Forget Selling: 12 Principles of Influence and Persuasion in Sales, Leadership, and Life

From bonding to benevolence; perception to positioning; involvement to instant influence; and mind matching to synchronized selling, the 12 principles in this insightful book will make the difference between hoping for success and having it.

Anthologies: Edie as Contributing Author – Business and Inspiration

• Magnetic Leadership
• Fantastic Customer Service Inside and Out
• How You Can Increase Your Sales in Any Economy
• Life, Work and Money from a Woman’s Perspective
• Rekindling the Human Spirit
• Walking with the Wise 70 Inspirational Mentors and Millionaires Teach the Secrets for Prosperity in Business and Life (Zig Ziglar-Tom Hopkins-Brian Tracy and more)

Insights from Experts Series: Practical Tips and Quotes
• 303 Solutions for Accomplishing More in Less Time
• 303 Solutions for Developing the Leader in You
• 303 Solutions for Dropping Stress and Finding Balance

Hypnosis and Mind Empowerment for Behavioral Change and Health
(Audio and Video Programs)

Weight Management and Eating Disorders
• Weight Control I&II (Right and Left Brain Approach)
• Anorexia
• Bulimia

• Smoking I&II (Right and Left Brain Approach)
• Drug and Alcohol Abuse
• Gamble No More

Healing -Stress Management –Self Improvement

• Meditation Medley for Health and Healing
• Mind as Healer: Visualization for Cancer
• Healing Ourselves: The Mind Body Connection (seminar presentation)
• Healing Broken Relationships: Reclaiming the Self
• Overcoming Procrastination
• Stop Your Worrying
• Panic Attack and Phobias
• Self Confidence
• Sleep Easy
• Pain Control
• Study Skills and Memory

Personal and Professional Development

Motivation and Success Strategies
• Be Your Own Rainbow
• Unleash Your PowerZone
• Kick Your Dream into Action
• Making It Happen

Skill Development for Peak Performance
• Power Communications
• The Art of Negotiations
• Presentation Skills:Communicate with Power (NLP and visualization)

Family Enrichment: Parenting and Child Development
• Beyond Parenting: Unleashing Your Child’s Potential
• Wings for Wishes – Complete system of Character Building and Self Esteem

Coaching Programs
• Designing Your Success Blueprint ( Please Inquire)

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